I've been jamming around with these chords for quite some time, with this rhythm and everything, but never bothered to tab it out. I had nothing to do so I thought that I might as well, turned out to be in 9/8. I don't really like 9/8, because I find it really difficult to make it sound good, especially the drums. I'd prefer 7/8, 4/4 or 5/4 or whatever but, oh well.

Anyway, I think it turned out quite nice but I'm no drummer as you may hear. Also, how do you think it flows from A to B? Should A/B be shorter/longer? I've thought about using B as chorus or something.

I only have two sections yet, but I wanted some feedback.
First of all, the 9/8 sound right for me. Although the Drums sounded a bit "clunky", you did a much better job than me when I find out my riffs are in some "obscure" time signature
In the intro chords,the D and Am gave me a kind of "beach" feeling, also reminding me of the game Top Gear(I think that's the name) I didn't like it too much, to be honest, but it doesn't last much longer, I guess. Also, listening again to the drums, it sounds much better when you add the ride cymbal. Really liked the Piano and Voice parts that you added. I am a sucker for pianos .
Last, I think if you want to use B as a chorus, you should put some kind of bridge to link A to B, or you could use B as a bridge to link to a Chorus or part C, I guess. You could also use B as a Verse, because the ending is a bit abrupt in A to B. That if you plan on making lyrics, or even if you don't want. Part B was my favorite, though
Hey man, thanks for your crit on my song there!

Here we go.

The riff is really cool, I like how even in 9/8 it still flows really well.
The intro worked well into the next riff.

The faster piano part came in and sounds sweet. But i feel like there isn't enough variation with it, maybe make it a 2 bar line to repeat instead of just the 1 bar?

The piano melody sounds incredibly nice over those chords, no complaints here. Then, when the choir comes in it sounds pretty epic.

My gripe with your song man... it's not done and i wanna hear the rest! ahah Good stuff so far man, I wanna hear what you do with the rest of it.
I actually enjoyed your song and want to hear you expand on it. Also, a bit of a tip if you have two rhythm guitar tracks: pan one to the left and the other to the right since it gives the song a "fuller" feel to it. Anyway, let's get to the song.

Section A:

I find the guitar riff to be really groovy even if it's in an unusual time signature. I really enjoy the piano at measure 11 since it adds a whole new dynamic to the riff. The only thing that bugs me is Track 6 (the Voice Oohs) in measure 18 since they seem to clash with the song.

Section B:

The previous section flows seamlessly, almost perfectly, into this section. Now, since midi isn't the greatest on TuxGuitar (what I'm using to listen to it), the guitars don't get justice. Don't get me wrong, the chord progression is amazing, just poor midi sounds. The piano melody really expands on the previous section by bringing it down a bit.

Overall, I think it's a great song that you should definitely expand on. Keep up the good work, I can't wait to hear more of your stuff!
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That was really pretty great man. I love the way the bass guitar keeps the riff moving, and I love the way you build up the arrangement over each section. The drums were pretty good actually too - lots of attention to detail there. I wish I could write them that well! I hope you finish this song, as I really enjoyed what you have so far.

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