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Any suggestions? I like some bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, some Hendrix, some Shocking Blue... etc
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Jefferson airplane
Moby grape
Grateful dead
Quick silver messenger service
Big brother and the holding company
13th floor elevators
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Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Pacific Gas & Electric. That will get you started.
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wishbone ash
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Try Black Mountain's album, Wilderness Heart. If you like that, then go for their other one, In The Future. More psychedelia, and heavier.
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The Moody Blues
In Search of The Lost Chord is from 1968 and is pretty good.
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Yeh I'll throw in Camel, definitely. And by the way, is there a Pink Floyd thread anywhere? I can't find one if there is.
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There is a Pink Floyd thread already. You can find it using the search function at the top of the page. From the rules and FAQ announcement:

There is a search function, type in the key words regarding your thread and see if someone has done a thread like yours in the past, these may have the responses you are looking for already. If nothing comes up on your first search, do a second search, but this time change the option of "search entire posts" to "search titles only". This will search thread titles for your desired key words.
Also, we have a recommendation thread as a sticky in this forum, so I'm going to close this.


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