Anyone have any experience with the Behringer UV 300? It's a clone of the Boss VB-2. I was hoping to use it on a slower setting + fuzz for some MBV-ish sounds. I'd love a VB-2, but they are insanely expensive (around $400). I know Behringer has a bad rap, but for a pedal that will be used only occasionally, I think it should be fine.

I used to have a Seppuku Mind Warp, which sounded perfect at low volumes, but is way too compressed and gets really muddy and clip-y at higher volumes. Same with the Z. Vex Lo Fi Instant Junky. I'm hoping with the UV300 I can still get some decent warble without the compression.
If your any good with an iron here you go http://www.buildyourownclone.com/old_site_files/vibrato.html i don't know if id trust a behringer though.
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Honestly, for the price, you might as well get one and give it a go. The only bad Behringer stuff I've tried are their early digital stuff and their Bass Octaver. You can bet that the UV300 is an all analog, 1:1 copy of another pedal with cheaper SMD components. My experience with most Behringer stuff is that it actually sounds pretty good after you get over the plastic! One Behringer pedal per board though Just for reputations sake!