Hey, i'm just getting a new strat and decided to put a humbucker in the bridge position. Which humbucker or single coil sized humbucker will you recommend me in order to get a distortion sound similar to the one of the foo fighters? Think of All my life or Rope as references.
I think most humbucker equipped guitars will sound like that. I put a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge of my Strat and I could easily get that type of sound with it.

The Super Distortion comes in both Single coil size and full Humbucker, so it is available and generally runs $100-$130.
Ordering the SD from Musicians Friend or Guitar Center normally runs between 60 and 120 USD, depending on what style you get. I would highly advise you order from one of them, as most shops will charge a bit more.
Literally any pickup that uses bar magnets will do it. Foo Fighters have used P-90s, low-output humbuckers, mid-output humbuckers, high-output humbuckers, Firebird pickups, TV Jones pickups, ceramic magnets, alnico magnets, even actives on a few occasions. There's literally nothing you can pick that will be inappropriate. The Seymour Duncan Custom, SD Custom 5, SD 59/Custom, DiMarzio Super Distortion, DM Evo 2, DM Tone Zone, Gibson 498T, Gibson BurstBucker Pro, Gibson BB #3, Rio Grande BBQ Bucker and any similar pickup will be fine. If you'd rather keep the standard Strat pickguard and use a Strat-size humbucker then I suggest you try the DM Super Distortion S (powerful but fairly balanced), SD JB Jr (slightly brighter and a touch weaker) or Hot Rails (most powerful and thickest-sounding).

The amp is far more important, really. You more or less need a Mesa Road King (very expensive) or Fender Tone Master (expensive and discontinued). There are a few amps from Marshall and Blackstar that can get in the same ballpark, but the Mesas are really the best way to go.
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Thanks a lot for the quick replies, i wasn't aware of the huge amount of pickups they have used throughout their career. I'm definitely gonna check those Super Distortion from DiMarzio and in relationship to the amplifier, that's gonna be my next big investment... Thanks for the help.