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Of course it is. But the idea of music, to me, has always been that you're presenting it to the world. So, charging for it for 50+ years is ridiculous, to me. If they want to charge for it for 2-5 years, then I could find that reasonable.

I agree with you, but I think the time should be longer. 2 years seems to short. I think pirating should be a last resort, because it is stealing.

I mean until about 2 years ago I pirated all my music, but that was because I had no money, my mother wouldn't buy any music for me, and streaming services weren't whats a kid supposed to do?

I would compare it to how I pirate NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, and Gamecube Games. Nintendo doesn't attempt to sell them anymore, so they are not losing any profit. Thus I don't feel like it is an issue.
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I agree with you, but I think the time should be longer. 2 years seems to short. I think pirating should be a last resort, because it is stealing.

What would you say to 5-10 years then?
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Nope, because I think it's wrong to say that people can't make money off their music (which is pretty much what music piracy does) and the corporations aren't as evil as everyone claims they are. They were in the 80's with the 360 deal, but the bands get paid by the label no matter how the album sells by and are pretty well treated, yes there can be some admin issues, but there is with any kind of industry ever. All that music piracy does is mean that the label wont sink as much money into the band next time because they didn't sell well enough, or even worse they get dropped from the label and can't afford to pay for studio time on their own.

Music piracy is done in the name of the artist, but it's the artist who gets screwed over.

On the other hand, yes, I do, because everyone seems to want to justify getting something for free and technically I can't tell people how to think... but at the same time I do question whether some pirates actually do think at all. I've met very smart pirates who justify their piracy via philosophy, which while I don't like it, I can't really say their life view is "wrong" per say.

And to reiterate... I'm not for web censorship. I'm not anti-pirate bay and I was anti-SOPA/ACTA. I'm anti-music piracy, in my mind it's very hard to justify

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To give an arguement against the whole 'music is art and should therefore be free' bullcrap...

The Night Watch by Rembrandt is one of the most world famous, if not THE most world famous painting we have here in Amsterdam. It's enormous, being 363 cm × 437 cm and still being very detailed, it's really a sight to be held from both close up, and from a distance.

It's commision cost the guild 1600 guilders (back in 1639, a ****ton of money) and took four years to complete.

Another, or actually a collection of examples: pretty much every single famous renaissance painter was paid a good amount of money for their work.

That's fine, I never promised them money in exchange for their work. They made it and hoped people would send them money.

Quote by Lord_Doku

One might argue that this was all in the past, and that there's no need anymore for paid art. Well, there's an easy answer: maintenance. Any damage must be carefully repaired or prevented by the use of high-tech facilitation, like moisture regulators to prevent degredation and very skilled craftsmanship whenever something needs to be repaired back to its original state (a very time-consuming (and therefore costly) process). The Night Watch still needs its maintenance every now and then, even though it was finished 370 years ago !

And so I, personally, should pay for it? Isn't it in a museum somewhere?

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Why? It's their work. They should be able to make as much money off of it as they want.

**** em. It's jiggly air.
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- Their servers are not based in the US
- Entertainment industry has weak lobbying power outside the US.
- The nature of P2P makes it hard to bring a case against them in euro courts
All of this. Mainly the server thing and that they use a .se TLD and can't be affected by that whole domain distributor thing in Virginia.
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What would you say to 5-10 years then?

Fair enough.

Too bad neither of us have any pull in the music industry...
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If every citizen does something, it will sooner or later be deemed unfeasible to enforce a ban on it.

Well...then, rally the troops, so to speak!
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Oh man, imagine one day in the future (1984 style most likely), you'll be playing your guitar and coming up with a sweet riff, when suddenly you get given a Cease & Desist letter for getting too close to an already existing song.

Oh man, imagine one day in the future when you're playing your guitar and come up with a sweet riff. Then next week a hit song using your exact riff is playing everywhere and you can't do anything about it.
Because you can't own SOUND, man.
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Because you can't own SOUND, man.

If anything, artists should be paying us for letting them store wiggly air in our ears.
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If anything, artists should be paying us for letting them store wiggly air in our ears.

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