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Hey,recently i bought a Line6 Floor POD plus and i'm messed up to create a good distortion tone.....i tried http://line6.com/customtone/ which is the official website of line6 for getting tones but available tones for Floor POD plus is not as much as POD XT Live or X3 Live and most of those available tones sound crap...

So,please...can anyone give me directions on how to bring out a good distortion riffing and a lead tone out of this machine???Or any good site where quality presets are available(except customtone)....plz....i'll be highly greatful....

I usually play metallica and pantera& my gears are:

Ibanez GRG 270B
Line6 Floor POD plus
Marshall MG412A stack(only i gigs)
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Well, this is at the wrong part of the forums, try to delete this a make it again in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum. Except that it's forbidden there, I think. But you're new so you don't really know this stuff... you should post a reply here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=688660&highlight=the+ultimate+guitar+settings+thread

But maybe I'l try to be of some help here... first of all, you use a Marshall MG, I'm not sure about your particular model, but they are usually crap. But from your pod, it has a distortion effect, right? So the problem is probably in your EQ... first of all, don't max the gain, if you want heavy distortion, just keep the gain at 7 or 8. You should have the mid range over 12 o'clock, and then you should put treble and bass at the center and start tweaking them from there, searching for a sweet spot. Sorry, but that's all the help I can give, I'm not familiar with the product.
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the pod has amp modeling so an MG for now is good enough ( just keep it on a clean channel and all the equaliser on 12)

dor your sound,.dont max the levrl of.anny effect, it is a digital pedal after all and the the more you as from the shittier it will sound.

there's no distortion effect on this pedal, you can only choose the amp on the pedal that correspond to the distortion sound.you want, and some of them them sound really good, so experiment with amp knob to get the distortion you want.
then control the equaliser on the pedal.
also maybe you can activate the noise supression knob but juat use a little. and if you need to add any other effect make sure the effect level is not so high.
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Thanks u guys very much....especially TK