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I've only been here a few days, and have tried to give some helpful answers to some technical questions in the Acoustic forum... but I keep getting harassed by this guy called Captaincranky... he's like a sadistic bully who feels compelled to attack anyone who makes a more knowledgable post than his. Since I have a pretty high level of technical knowledge, I've apparently been perceived as a threat... and so he's targeted me for constant harassment on a personal level, every time I post.

I've put him on the "Ignore List", but I can't find any info about what that will accomplish.

Anybody know anything about that, or have any other ideas ?


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If you come across or are targeted by any posts that break the rules, use the report button (red exclamation mark) at the bottom of the offending post. This alerts the mods, who can issue warnings or bans if they find the reported post to be in breach of the rules.

I don't know what has been going on, but I would also advise you to develop a bit of a thick skin. You need it around here sometimes.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
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I checked all of your conversations at the Acoustics forum, and it really doesn't look like harrasment. Captaincranky is just keen on spreding his opinion, and I think that all the posts that I checked he has said "this is just my opinion". He isn't really flaming, I doubt if he even remembers who you are. He just disagrees with you in a few things.
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Well, when a person practically calls me an idiot, I do take offense.... I don't want to be a cry baby about it or get involved in a big effort to have them banned, but it can't continue.

Maybe it's not against the rules, but it sure is bad manners... and I think the best thing for me is just to find some other website where people are more mature, more courteous, and just plain nicer folks.

I play guitar for enjoyment, and I post to help others... not to get insulted by some offensive bully with ego problems.

Thanks for the replys, and good luck to you all... I'm outta here.

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I've gotten into it with that peen before. He's a know it all, surely you've dealt with them before. I called him out on some shit in one thread of mine, and since then I haven't really had any issues. However I don't really post in that forum anymore as a result...
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