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Hi Guys

I have a guitar which apparently isn't in great shape (shouldn't be surprised for the price) so I am looking at getting a new guitar to replace it.

I have the guitars down to two fairly cheap starter guitars one is the Yamaha F310 and the other is the Fender DG-60.
At the moment I am more swayed towards the Yamaha as I am unable to find many reviews on the Fender but I would like to get some opinions from you guys. What are your thoughts?

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i had (have? may still be at my moms house) the dg60 about 10yrs ago. i was just starting out and didnt like it. action too high. one of the tunners broke (wood screw stripped out) after only about a year. no idea how this happened and i doubt that it is a common occurance. i loved the only yamaha that i owned (breifly).

try both and trust your instict. for a begginer (not sure where you are), i would think the yam would have lower action, but if you can handle it and it sound and feels right to you, pimp the fender!