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It depends on what I'm playing/who I'm playing with. All prices are what I paid, or the price of a new one if I got it as a gift.

For my garage band, I can get away with:
70s Yamaha JX50: $125
EHX Germanium OD: $50
70s Pan P-D Hollowbody: $250
But I usually also use:
VFE Old School tremolo: $120
Devi Ever Bit: $85
Danelectro Fab Echo: $20
T.Rex Fuel Tank Jr: $85

So that's $735 most of the time haha. The Germanium OD might be getting replaced this week, that will bring it up to about $850.

For my other group of friends I jam with, I usually use this stuff in addition to the last list:
Danelectro 59DC 1st reissue: $300
Yamaha Pacifica 120sj w/upgrades: $300
TC Corona Chorus: $130
Boss CH-1: $100
Boss DD-3: $140
EHX memory toy: $100

So for that it can go up to about $1800, and I still get told I spend too much on gear. I love being "thrifty" haha.
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UG's Michael Westen
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When my mom gives me "that look" when my chorus pedal comes in, I'll show her this thread.
RG351DX - Bridge Dragonfire Screamer, Mid+Neck Fender Hot Noiseless
Peavey Valveking 112 - Eminence GB128
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Originally Posted by gumbilicious
oh, and i just thought he was trying to make up for something...

... please don't hate me matt

Well, the "big dick" comment was a metaphor for all the schweet gear.

You're not much better
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Highway One Telecaster
Dean Evo
Mesa F-50
Laney GH50L
Vox AC30 C2
Ampeg V2
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So, who's got something to get rid of (GIVE IT TO ME) hah?

Sorry for bumping the thread, was searching something and kinda read this whole thread

while I'm here:

Ibanez GRG270b - $440
Walden D550 - $250
- Madarozzo Hard Case - $70
- Seymour Duncan Woody $50
Squier Bullet - $120

Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo - $500
Bugera V22 - $380

Crybaby GCB95 - $90
BOSS SD-1 - $50
BOSS DS-1 - $50
Homemade Suhr Riot Distortion - $60
BOSS BF-2 - $90
BOSS DD-3 - $140
BOSS PS-2 - $120 - For Sale
FAB Overdrive - $30
FAB Chorus - $30
Behringer TU-300 - $40

eBay prices $2510 + shipping and taxes on everything except guitars and amps ~$2650

Other accessories and stuff + $200

Willing to sell everything or trade for a Fender/Fender - amp/guitar
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George Juggles
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This is just what I paid, not including stuff I don't use;

Peavey Classic 30 w/ fender tilt back legs/footswitch-$450
PRS se semi-hollow-$480
jimi hendrix wah-$40
EHX attack EQ-$35
Zoom G1xn (which I don't use very much)-$80
2 cases, cables, straps-$200

Total: $1285

I will be getting pedals soon, so it will be more.
Peavey Classic 30
PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow
+some pedals
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Isn't good at bass
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Epiphone SG w/ electronical upgrades n' shit: $600
DigiTech Whammy DT: $300
DigiTech Bad Monkey: $50
Wampler Triple Wreck: $270
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe: $450ish w/ tubes

About $1670
Call me Mitch!

I play bass in an instrumental band called Beyond the Woods!
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Purchase prices for my (somewhat redundant) performance rig

..........Guitars $2100
AX-350 $900
Viper 401 $450
V-401 $750

..........Amps $1070
JSX $720 (used)
Triple XXX $350 (really used)

..........Cabs $1500
Krankenstein 4x12 $900
Vader Carnage Strain 2x12 $600

..........Other $1460
ISP Decimator G-String $170
Boss Harmonist $180
MXR Carbon Copy $145
TC Electronic Polytune $100
Pedaltrain-1 with hard case + mod $160
Voodoo Labs ISO-5 $120
EMG ZW Set $300 (back in the day)
EMG 85 $75
George L's board cable $130
Dunlop 95Q wah $80 (used)

..........TOTAL: $6130

OMG! Didn't see that one coming! With new amps add $1200 for $7330. Damn...
:: Peavey JSX | XXX ::
:: LTD V | Viper | AX [EMG85] ::
:: Vader 2x12 | Krankenstein 4x12 ::
:: G50 | DecimatorG-String | 95Q ::
:: Polytune | Ditto | CarbonCopy ::
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New Medicine
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LOL im at 275. A one hundred dollar squier strat, line six spide III 15 and a Crybaby. Im sad now
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Location: London, ON
PRS SE Singlecut - $649.00
Peavey 6505+ Head - $1299.99
Randall 4x12XL - $899.99
Dunlop Crybaby Wah - $87.50
Boss CE-3 - $40 on eBay
Ibanez Ts-10 - $150 on eBay
Korg Pitchblack Tuner (Pedal Form) - $69.99
EHX Big Muff Pi - $81.60

A grand total of $3,2780.07

Never knew I actually put THAT much cash into it.
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This is me now!
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like $4k here..

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Hi mom!
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Originally Posted by greeny23

like $4k here..

well i'm sure the deck is a lot bigger than the little part you showed in the picture.
Originally Posted by Roc8995
I don't think I've ever played anything in black walnut. It's a great ice cream flavor, so I assume it works well for a strat too.

hard to argue with that.
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Call me Rein.
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Axe FX Ultra: $1250
Liquid Foot Pro: $600
Fryette 2/50/2 (soon to be the LXII) : $800
Shallow Rack case: $50
2x12 with G12K100's: $400

$3100 if I'm using cabs.

$1900 if I'm running FOH only.

$200 Mexi Strat.

Not bad considering all my effects are in the unit itself, and I don't need to spend money on power supplies (and associated converters), patch cables, pedalboards, and it works anywhere in the world. (at least my fly rig does)
Peavey 5150
Mesa Mark IV
Mesa Single Rectifier (Series 1)
Fender Custom Shop Tonemaster
Roland Microcube

-Whitebox OS 1x12
-Port City OS 1x12

Digidesign Eleven RackAxe Fx Ultra
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Alot? More than I care to admit probably.

'91 Gibson Les Paul Studio - 800
Fender Telecaster - 400
Fender Stratocaster - 300
Dillion Les Paul - 400
Splawn Competition 1500
FJA 5150 1400
Splawn 2x12 SBs 500
Laney 4x12 V30s 300
Eventide PitchFactor 500
Vox Time Machine 100
Boss TU-2 50
BBE Boosta Grande 50

Other misc stuff (pedalboard. roadcases, 2 other boosts stuff like that)

total 7400 I plan on adding a AC30 and a Mesa Dual Rec Later this year
Originally Posted by gregs1020
Brett has been saving for a splawn for 4 years
countries have been toppled in the time it's taking, revolutions won got a black pres


Originally Posted by bubb_tubbs
When he finally gets one it'll probably be televised like the Berlin Wall coming down.
The end of an era
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Tim the Rocker
I own a Cabriolet.
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- Gibson SG Standard
- Lag Roxane 500
- Eastwood Hi-Flyer
- Takamine EG523

- Jet City JCA50H
- George Dennis 60Watt The Blue Combo
- Marshall SuperBass 100Watt
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Originally Posted by greeny23

like $4k here..

I'd love to stain and waterseal that deck.
WTLT GG&A 2008 WTLT EG 2006 WTLT GB&C 2009

Field Marshall 7 strings/ERG Amps!

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Lets see.. Being in Australia and all..

Shitty Ibanez Gio ($200)
Yamaha APX 500 ($400)
Ibanez RGT6EXFX ($1000)
Schecter Synyster Special ($1000)

Orange Dark Terror ($600)
Orange PPC112 ($400)
Vox VT30 ($400)
Roland Microcube ($150)

Boss ME-25 ($200)

Saffire 6 USB ($200)
AKG Perception 120 ($150)
AKG K99 ($100)

and a bunch of accessories such as metronome, slides, leads etc i'd say around $150

So in total i'd be around..

4800 AUD
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I can't count.
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Actual rig

- B.C. Rich Gunslinger Retro “Yellow” \o/ \o/ \o/ (gift) _ 0 € = 0 $ lol (my precious)
- IBANEZ RGA72TQMZ edge zero ii; TITANIUM Reinforcement neck _ 620 € = +/- 811 $
choose this over an new imported ibanez prestige rg1570 (same price) ... not drunk!
- EMGx’s 180 € = +/- 235 $ (ibanez); DiMarzio 75 € = +/- 98 $ (Gunslinger)
- ORANGE MICRO CRUSH PIX CR3 ahahah _ 39 € = +/- 51 $ lol (with used boss pedals and phones)
- Planet Waves cable; D’addario EXL 120; Alesis Guitar Link (vst’s and impulses “just a few minutes in the bit”)
- A 20 years old pick (priceless)

Aiming for HUGHES & KETTNER TUBEMEISTER 18 combo or head
600 € = +/- 785 $ (my low budget ruin... still is) and that ‘s it, I´m done for a long time.

1600 €
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Mint LNG Jem- $4,500
Rg550 Road Flare- $700
Orange 1x12- $300
Soldano SLO Clone- $800
Steve Stevens Washburn- $450
Pedals- $450
Herc PMC Jem-$1200

$8,400. I just realized I am ******ed.
1987 Ibanez Jem 777LNG #124
2012 Herc Fede PMC Jem
1987 Ibanez RG550 Road Flare Red-R
Marshall JCM-1 W/Lead 12 Cab.
Wampler, Ibanez, MXR, Morley Pedals
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Good Ol' Ramos
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Well this is fun. Some of the totals I've seen are absurd and I can't wait to match that. I'll do what I paid first, then what it's all worth new.

Ibanez electric: $100
Takamine acoustic: gift (w/ case)
Ibanez acoustic: $220~
Cuatro: $120~
IBanez bass: $120~
Peavey amp: $70
Ibanez amp: free (came w/ bass)
Crate amp: $40
Fender amp: free (friend no longer uses it)
Fender mini amp: free
all pedals: $200~
accessories (straps, picks, slide, capo, cables, etc): $250~
[B]total: $1,120~ USD that I've invested in my hobby ever since I started back in winter of 2007.

Now, the MSRP of everything brand new?

Well this was a fun 40 minutes.
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