Hey guys, this isn't the type of music you'd usually find on these forums, but if you could leave some thoughts about anything I'd really appreciate it! In particular, anything about the mixing would be really cool, since I think this forum would have some different ears than the more hip-hop based communities I'm usually posting in. Thanks everyone, and I'll definitely C4C!

I'm afraid I can't pass any technical comment on the mixing, except about the slight irregularity timing wise of the very treble-y drum sounds; in an instrumental I think it sounds a little jarring or even just plain 'wrong' but I can imagine it lending an interesting texture if there was slightly more going on sonically around it, or just a vocal layer over the top. You mention hip-hop, would you be intending for people to put vocals over the top of this?

Atmospherically it's really nice, so incredibly chilled out, I do think even a very simple melody over the top would enhance this a lot though. I'd say it reminds me most of some Boards of Canada tracks, especially the Campfire Headphase era; check out some of the melodies they go for if you haven't heard them already, that's the kind of thing I'm imagining. And I've always thought their music would be ridiculously ideal for adaptation into hip-hop tracks with vocals, by the by.
You did fine job, both mix and playing are good, composition is really nice , though I would rather use it as an outro for some song rather than individual song. It reminds me of Soulfly in some way and actually I can't say anything bad about it, so keep it up
I love the slow mood and cozy feel on this song. Intro is really nice on how it started soft and clean. Drumbeat is unique. Might be good to hear this one with vocals on it. Overall, it is clean and nicely done! Thanks for doing crits on mine!

Cheers mate!
the vinyl noise gives it an interesting texture underneath. production wise, this sounds pretty good from the start, i usually have to turn peoples stuff up on here because its not very full but I actually had to turn this one down a little bit from the last one because it was so full in sound. im 1:30 in now and its clear that you have a really strong sense of texture in your sound. im hearing a lot of different stuff going on but none of it sounds like its clashing. i like the way it feels like its bubbling up in the beginning ( i just started it over again). i was a bit surprised when it ended since its pretty short.you mentioned hip-hop, is this something youre planning on doing some vocal work over? if so, id be sure to try to stay within the mood of the instruments, which in this case is really laid back and relaxing (which actually doesnt sound a lot like hip hop, but that can give you an opportunity to do something more original). i dont think this needs vocals but at the same time it doesnt sound quite "done" to me. after a couple listens the mix sounds good to my ears though. everything seems to be in its place so it might not need anything more than minor tweaks if you feel so inclined. thanks for giving me feedback on my song
I liked this a lot. Nice and relaxing. Someone said the drums sound off time...they DO when they first kick in, but when all the other tracks come in and you have that full syncopated rhythm it sounds tight. Electronic music isn't really my thing, so I couldn't tell you what else to add. Maybe more layers? Good work!

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Very relaxing indeed. Sounds beautiful and there's not much I could add when talking about the mix, except maybe I'd have the kick drum a little louder. And yes, the percussion is off time a lot, you should try to get that right. I think this would work as a soundtrack as it lacks change and maybe a solo instrument to stand out as an independent instrumental. Overall it was pretty good and I'd be interested to hear more of your music. Good luck and keep it up!

something sounds laggy. one of the drum mixes is off. i want to say the sample you used doesnt start at the right time, which caused the problem.
other than that, i like what i hear. its nice and shoegazey. really chill. could almost be an insterlude on an animal collective album.