Here's one version of a thing I wrote on my FL Studio demo version the other day...currently having major problems uploading the 'acoustic' (still synthesised though) version for some reason


Let me know what you think & I'll be happy to comment on any uploads you have, just give me a link!

I look forward to your feedback - cheers

EDIT: The 'acoustic' version finally finished processing after about half an hour...
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This gives me a King Crimson kind of vibe, I think it's really cool. You could really bring the drums up a lot more though, you can really make the kick knock in a song like this and it'll sound great. Personally, I would have chosen an acoustic snare sample for something like this, but if can make this snare really pop it would sound great too. I'd like to hear your "acoustic" version when it's done!

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Thanks! Interesting point you make about the drums, I always have multiple changes of heart about the volume balance between lead guitar, bass and drums when I'm writing. As for the acoustic snare thing - generally I'm just a sucker for Hip Kick 7 and Hip Snare 6, they're absolute staples for me & remind me a bit of the slightly vinyl-ish Crooklyn Dodgers '95 sound which I love. I occasionally branch out though...

Incidentally, if you look at the edited version of the OP, I've managed to upload the alternate version now.

Just in the process of listening to your track a few times so I can review it properly btw

EDIT: is there any particular King Crimson song or album this reminds you of btw? Just out of interest. I only really know the first few tracks of Larks' Tongues in Aspic, which don't seem that similar
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i really like the main riff man, the drums are kind of bland though. i dont know if its the pitch or tone but if they were just heavier with some more percussion/cymbals it would match nicer. and the main riff is sick but the end of it kind of gets sloppy and its harder to follow. the last little bit is kind of out of tune from the rest but the timing and flow is real nice
Not any song or album in particular, it was that proggy whole-tone thing that reminded me of a King Crimson kind of thing. The edited version definitely has a better mix since that synth guitar isn't taking up so much space. For the drums, the other thing I'd say is that there are so many packs of free samples out there, so don't be afraid to experiment with different sounds and layer multiple samples!
I agree with the prog-like vibes here. one way to get more dynamic out of fake drums that i use is when you have back to back of the same thing (usually kicks), cut the volume on one of them (usually the second one) to 75% or 50% depending on what youre going for. i also like to pan them a little so that theyre not all on top of each other since thats obviously not how real drums are set up either. im checking out the acoustic version now, i actually the dig the drum beat so its just about getting a more whole sound out of it, as the hi hats are thin too. i think as the song goes on, during that main riff you could add a harmony or another intertwining line. the song is a little thin in some areas, which isnt bad, but its always my personal preference to balance those out with other areas that are more dense to create a deeper dynamic. what you have here though is a solid framework for a song. thanks for giving me some feedback as well.
I dig it, man. Not sure if this is what you were going for, but whenever I hear FL Studio drums (or maybe just the ones that you used), I always find the tune to be more relaxing. Maybe because they aren't too overbearing or something. Anyway, the riffs and harmonies were interesting, and I enjoyed the piece as a whole. Keep up the good work!

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Just listened to both, definitely prefere he acoustic version, it sounds more natural in the mix. Like everyone else, I'd say a better drum sound is needed, or a little bass-y to increase its presence. The guitar is certainly interesting, very odd sounding, but it has grown on me with listening. Oddly it reminds me of the music on the game Animal Crossing haha. Nice chilled music, i dig it. As a metal guitarist though I'd say beef up the entire mix, but like someone else has said above, it may remove the 'chillness' of it, but hey thats part of mixing and song writing, experiment with different sounds and tones and see what works
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It's not the kind of thing I'd usually listen to but it's interesting, I agree with what other people have said in that it would be nice if the drums were 'bigger' or something.

I also think it feels like it should be going somewhere, building up to something but it never really gets there. It's has potential to be something really cool, in my opinion.
I like it, it has interesting riffs, i prefer the acustic version. I think you should do more riffs, because is always the same thing basically...
But there is a nice tune and a good mixing
While this is already near the top of the forum, I may as well say thanks for all the feedback to everyone very useful and much appreciated comments here! If you like the video in real life, liking it on Youtube would be even more appreciated - as would any additions to my 9 subscribers I'll have more uploads soon! XR
I dug this. it gave me a bit of an 8-bit vibe because of the synth sounds and the simple drumtrack. I think it could totally be used as a rap backtrack, a couple verses spit over top of this would be prime.
Listened to the acoustic version. I like the intro, it seems oddly familiar and I don't know why. Kind of reminds me of Broken Social Scene, I guess. I think this song would sound beautiful with some vocals over it. As it is it kind of sounds like its missing just one thing from making it really good though, ya know? Keep up the good work nonetheless.
It reminds me a little of a cLOUDDEAD (sic) song, where they have an 8bit video game song as their main backing. Really really cool. I think it's called Jimmy.

The whole sound of the song is quite electronic. Bigger drums would maybe change the dynamic of it, I don't know. The beat is suited due to the editing of the music. Changing that may mean a complete overhaul of that track.

I like it +9000.
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Just to clarify; changing *anything* about this will require me to buy the full version of FL Studio, for a few hundred pounds, which I can do within a few months but not right now! (recent graduation + unemployment = ouch) Interesting demo version they have: you can use it forever, but each project becomes uneditable once you've closed it. Very stressful when you've already been working on a track for hours! Luckily this one came together quite quickly.

Also, fun fact: within the first 6 bars/9 seconds, this track uses all 12 notes available in Western music. Not all in the same octave, but still.

EDIT: And thanks for the extra crits & compliments!
The structure and note selection were very interesting. The intro was my favorite part.
I listened to both and I enjoyed the dark vibe in the electric version a lot more than the acoustic. Though the drums quickly became stale.
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The guy in the picture is the real Xhulian Rrudho! He's an Albanian footballer. I saw his name (misspelled, as it is in my username) on a Football Manager game years ago and thought it was the craziest looking name I'd ever seen - gave myself that alias on one website to start with, and it just kind of stuck. I hope he doesn't mind...

Late reply to CerebralEdge - after writing this version on software rather than guitar, that's exactly what I thought; I might try and find rappers who'd be interested in using this as a template. I guess rap tracks don't usually have choruses with different tunes to the verse, but it's not unheard of.

Back to SD, thanks a million for the sub! Really appreciated
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It's not the kind of thing I'd usually listen to but it's interesting, I agree with what other people have said in that it would be nice if the drums were 'bigger' or something.

I also think it feels like it should be going somewhere, building up to something but it never really gets there. It's has potential to be something really cool, in my opinion.

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Thanks for checking out my tune and giving me a few tips! This is a very slick, cool sounding song. I really like the guitar, I think it could be turned up a little teeny bit though! I was also wondering if you could maybe make the drums sound as though they are being hit a bit harder? I'm not familiar with FL, but if there's a knob or button that controls the "velocity", then that'd do the trick!

Keep up the great work, I really digged this, it was very original!