This is the demo of a new song I made.

I still have to finish the bass, tweak the drums a tad, probably tweak the intro and use ez drummer instead of midi, but its pretty much done.

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I don't really have anything for you to crit back, but I'll give you a crit cause I know its frustrating when people won't respond to your thread.

It lacks a little structure, I'm all for breakdowns and I like metalcore, but only one segment repeats and a lot of it feels like a big mp3 of cool riffs you made, rather than a song. The mix isn't bad, and the two guitars mesh pretty well, though there's a bit of stepping on toes around 0:08. The intro solo-thing feels odd, especially after you progress to the next part of the song. The second solo/interlude is better, but drags and needs more dynamics in the riff. Overall, its a cool song and with vocals and a little work it could make a solid tune, but for my money the only thing I'd really call a problem is the tempo. Whole thing feels quite slow and like its dragging onward, especially for a metalcore song. And, the majority of metalcore listeners are pretty young people with short attention spans (just saying, that's not all of us but it is a big chunk of fans of the sub-genre) and that would ultimately hurt your song.

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