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So I'm building a new telecaster and am going for a jazzy bluesy sound. To achieve this I'm making it a thinline (add some sustain and warmth) and adding a wide range humbucker in the neck position (to give a fatter tone without entering the Gibson territory). My problem is, what pickup should I put in the bridge position? I'm not too keen on having a HH telecaster and would prefer a single coil personally. Also this bridge pickup is not likely to be used exclusively, but more in combination with the wide range in the in the neck. So really, what bridge pickup do you think compliments a wide range pickup nicely?

Also, a little off topic, I also need a neck for this tele, can anyone reccomend a maker? I'm looking for once peice maple, soft V, much like the neck on my baja telecaster if possible.
Q: What's the difference between a Mexican standard tele and an American standard tele?

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Can't really help you on the pup part but have a look at Warmoth for a neck
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