I actually wrote this maybe a month ago and never actually posted it. I just randomly came up with the main melody on guitar and just went from there.

I think the game that had the most influence on this is Paper Mario, although I can't quite put my finger on why. It just reminds me of that sound.

The kind of atmosphere I was going for was like an old, beaten up, yet still grandiose house in the woods, but maybe with some kind of dark history. I dunno. It's supposed to loop at the end, btw, being a video game-themed tune, and all.

All thoughts appreciated, and of course, C4C.
Have you posted this here before?

Edit: Ok, I didn't read that carefully. This really, really reminds me of something though.

Edit2: I might as well say something; the both parts are awesome but I find the transition between them (bar 25) awkward.
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I think part of the reason it sounds awkward is because MIDI sucks and it cuts off some of the notes, so instruments just cut out when they should still be lingering in the first measure of the second part.
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It might sound familiar because he posted it in the RPG soundtrack collab thread.

Did I post it there? I didn't even remember.

EDIT: Well, **** me with a rake, I did. Still doesn't count as posting it for real :>
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