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well i'm not a big fan of this type of music but i did like your song. very well recorded and the cookie monster vocals were actually intelligible. nice guitar parts throughout and the sax (or was another horn?) break was really different. lyrics weren't bad and made for a good story. overall very cool.

my latest is Valley Of Gwangi found in my profile.
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Guitars, bass and snare sound pretty darn good, i think the kick more punch though. I think everything needs to be bigger though, but still a pretty darn good mix. Reminds me a lot of BFMV, Trivium and Metallica when it comes to song structure, which i thought was brilliant. Not a fan of the vocals, seem a little throaty, and I generally like a lot more gut behind it so its thicker, heavier and bassier.

Great lyrics, definitely captured Trivium vocally and lyrically. Overall great song and great mix
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