Hey there, I've had this project for a while and only since July 20th my illness really dragged me down and I started a vigorous recording work ethic as a sort of catharsis. Its dark, emotional, and void of many instruments. Its usually just my voice, guitar, slight percussion, and on that rare occasion, bass/drums. I draw a lot of inspiration from Elliott Smith, John Frusciante, Nick Drake, and others like them. Only when I finished a batch of four songs did I feel comfortable with starting to put them out there so people can hear it.

Anyway, since this time in July I've done about 7 releases. Short releases, but still about 20-something songs. The first four releases being part of a series called Wander Through My Mind And So You Will Become A Part of Me. They've all been compiled into one album for a 16 song personal experience. Other releases since then have shown my evolution as an artist and bouts of experimentation.

Currently, I am going working Entity0009 of Landforge on a short release, then I plan on doing a full on collaboration with a local artist who draws very dark paintings. We plan on creating an artistic experience in which I will create a song and send it to him. He will paint what he feels and gets from the song and send it back to me. If all goes as planned and we do this for a while we should have a decent artistic package to put out that I would gladly share with the rest of UG.

I recently did a test of our collaborative style in my release Quaker Moving and Storage Company in a song called "Grown Anger, Child's Tears".

I plan on branching out much more as well. I've planned to do a collaborative effort with Helptravesty in which we will fuse my style and electronic music in some time.

Before I make this post too long I'll just end it here with the pages to my Facebook music page and my only site page, bandcamp. My latest release is Nepolev's Journey Back Home but all other recent releases should be able to be listened to.

My bandcamp page:

Facebook page:

Please feel free to listen, download, share and send feedback.

UPDATE 8/18/12:

I have formed a collaborative experimental project with a good drumming friend of mine, Najeeb Hourany. If you're into some sort of combination of hardcore, funk, experimental, hints of jazz and specs of sludge metal (we are partly influenced by Primus) , this might just be for you.

The only album we have released is called These Thoughts Shall Swallow Us Whole, but as we speak I am planning for the next recording session with Najeeb today. Expect lots of good stuff for your ears real soon.

The bandcamp album page: http://mannyserra.bandcamp.com/album/these-thoughts-shall-swallow-us-whole

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Hey guys its been a while but I have good news,

On September 30th I will be having my first gig over at a local place called the Fish House. Its going to consist of material spanning from most of my releases. So for you UGers in the South Florida area, you are more than welcome to come! Those who aren't from South Florida, well I plan on streaming it live and recording it completely so you don't miss out.

Take a look at the official event page on Facebook:

Also, the duo I had with my good friend and drummer Najeeb Hourany has now expanded to a trio with the addition of friend and bassist, Bernie Pla. We'ved named the trio Chinese Finger Trap and we plan to begin doing live shows as well.

Here's the bandcamp album page for some beginning ideas of ours:

Hopefully in the future we'll have more material organized/recorded and we'll start doing some live shows in the South Florida area.