At the first time I play guitar, some strings keep buzzing when I strum.
Listen to which notes it is that are buzzing. It could be that you're not fretting hard enough, or it could be fret buzz. If it's an open string that's buzzing then it could be that it's hitting one of your fingers slightly and buzzing against it, or it could be a nut problem.
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You must be playing near t the metal part dude. When i was in the beginning stage 3 months back, faced the same problem. I took me little long to have smooth grip than others.
This maybe a problem if your fretboard isn't straight or strings are to close to the fretboard. For fast playing strings must be at least of 3 mm high from last fret (from the wood surface) to the strings. For acoustic guitar it's about 4 mm and more. If your fretboard isn't straight then you can strain or release a little bit strings by turning fretboard metal mechanism right at neck pickup.
Check these two first