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I had the regular UG free tab app on my android htc desire Z and would use guitar pro for the .gp files. I decided to check out the tab pro version because it looked like it was easier to switch instruments/tracks as compared to guitar pro.

I found i like the interface more than GP, but im having some usabilty issues:

In tab pro, if i search for "no one like you" by the scorpions i get no results. If i seach in the free version I see the .gp4 file. Ive seen this with a few other files as well. It doesnt happen alot so its just mildly annoying.

I dont see any way to open a local file that was already downloaded, or something that isnt on ug like something im working on tabbing. This is extremely annoying and why i still use GP alot.

Tab pro cant see non pro if i dont see any pro tabs in the search i have to open tab non pro to check for regular tabs. Shouldnt tab pro be able to read all the files the free version does? Ive never had to keep a free version of a program around to use features the pro version lacks.

I dont know if these are bad programming practices, bugs, or a local configuration issue. Im hoping im doing something wrong, because i do like the interface alot.