This is going to be a rather noob question, but it's been so long that I've used any pedals that I don't remember. When you've got a distortion pedal, fuzz pedal etc, how do you run it into your preamp? Do you run your guitar into the pedal and then into the preamp, or what would the effect be of running it after the preamp when going into the power amp?

I ask because I can probably run into a dirty preamp channel and blend the amp's distortion and the separate pedal's distortion. When running it into a clean channel you'll have just the pedal's sound, but also have the bass, mids, treble, and presence as well.

I'm not sure how much the clean channel affects the tone, and I'm also not sure if combining a pedal + the preamp's distortion would sound good. Plus I don't know what the effect would be of running it before or after the preamp. Another way would be to bypass the preamp completely and run your pedal directly into the power amp (but have a parametric EQ after the pedal for at least some control).

What do you do?
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Run OD and dirt in front. Delay and chorus through effects loop.