Recently I've been working on writing either an EP or an LP in hopes of finishing and recording it. (probably won't happen) I'm pretty happy with how my album sounds so far. Under Foul Breath is technically the first song of the album. It pretty much sets a theme for the rest of the album and acts as a nice intro for Sing the Blues, Oedipus, which is the next song. It's much meatier and more exciting than the first one. Also, apologies in advance for the terrible fade-outs. Not much I can do about it in TuxGuitar. :/

Please tell me your opinions! And since this is C4C, say which song you want me to look at.
Under Foul Breath.gp5
Sing the Blues, Oedipus.gp5
Under Foul Breath.mid
Sing the Blues, Oedipus.mid
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Hey there man, thanks for the crit - some useful ideas for me to think about! This was really interesting - it reminded me a lot of BTBAM at times, especially the section in Oedipus starting at bar 55. I also really liked the transition out of that particular section. I love the uplifting feel of the sections that follow too - it's great to hear heavy music do that from time to time, rather than just never ending gloom and grymness.

The clean section at the end is really quite beautiful, although I felt you could have maybe done a little bit more with the drums to further enhance the feel of it. I was a bit disappointed the song ended here actually, it felt like it could have gone on for another 5 minutes after that point. I guess in the context of your EP that just means it'll set up nicely for the next track, though.

As a whole I really enjoyed this track - I hope to hear the EP when it's done! There's a real sense of fun to your music, which makes a nice change of pace in a progressive metal genre that often seems saturated with overly serious tryhards (like myself, haha). Better still, it doesn't come at the cost of detailed and skilled composition. Nice job man!
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