The rating system

The rating system for Tabs is not helpful at all. First of all the 3 star should be "Accurate" and the 4 "Worth learning", because if it's not accurate it's not worth learning...

My biggest issue with the rating system is there is a lot of 4/5 stars Tabs that are wrong.
Some of theme are very very wrong.

My suggestion to remedy (or at least improve) this would be to have rating from two different categories of members.

First category would be the "common" members who's musical knowledge or hear is not competent enough to judge the accuracy of a transcription.

Second category would be the "expert" members who by their training or passion or simply musical hear are able to rate the accuracy of transcriptions.

The ratings used by the first category would display as hollowed out stars and the second category as full stars.
This way people would know that the score obtained by the tab was based on appreciation or on accuracy.

I teach guitar and a lot of my students while looking for tabs have this issue and are learning inaccurate pieces because they thought that 33 5 stars rating meant it was good.

It's really a problem concerning beginers who's hears are not trained enough to be able to detect errors. Thus making learning guitar harder.

As for the expert status this could be granted either automatically after a certain numbers of contributions, or by putting together a test for them to complete.

The test could consists of a few randomly generated chord progressions. A few musical phrase to transcribe. And a few wrong melodies to correct. (Any of those should obviously not be from popular source that could be found elsewhere)

Clean up

As already discussed above UG is plagued by inaccurate 4/5 stars tabs as well as totally inaccurate rated lower or not. To those with good musical training or hears it's not difficult to see if a tab is wrong or not. However to the less trained it's difficult.

Sometimes there's song or music with 8 different versions and only 2 are accurate.
So adding a Recycle Bin button close to the rating "report for deletion" or something like that would be nice. Because so far all I is a small report icon and it doesn't really help because it's mostly here to correct errors.

The report for deletion tabs also could still remain accessible in the band/composer trash folder.
And only be moved there after a # (to be determined) report has been issued.

Or find another way to mark or get rid of those inaccurate Tabs.
Way to take the idea I just posted and pawn it off as your own.
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I like this idea and would support it. Although, most of the really bad tabs are 5 or 6 years old.

EDIT: Just checked and bluekirby7 did indeed have the same idea: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1526550&page=4&pp=20.
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Quote by bluekirby7
Way to take the idea I just posted and pawn it off as your own.

Sorry dude but I posted two different topics today back to back and I only check if similar thread existed.

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I don't think a class system is really appropriate for a place like UG.

One thing is for sure, UG is plagued with inaccurate tabs/chords/GP.
And by inaccurate I don't only mean an Am instead of an Am7, I'm talking about a C instead of an E...

The issue with the actual system is too many tabs are 5 stars and there's comments "it's perfect", "spot on" etc... when half the chords are wrong or the melody contains off scale notes etc...

As displeasing as it is for anyone with a good musical hear it's not really a problem except a waste of time. Since I don't pay for UG Plus I won't complain much about that. However I'm interested to those who are learning or wish to learn and have to rely on incorrect material to do so.

And do something about that would be nice. If anyone has a better idea to achieve this goal please share it.
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I totally agree with a clean up, there arer way too many tabs out there, and for a beginer it is off putting because you are not sure which is the correct one. I also agree with a better rating system. This will improve tabs and help people who are looking at learnig songs the correct way.

The only thing, that I can think of, that will stop this from happening is that there wont be enough people that will want to sift through page after page of inaccurate tabs.

Very cool idea and should really be looked into by UG
I think this is a good idea.

a new tab rating system is a good idea, and i also totally agree with a clean up aswell.
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It's not just that. Can unregistered users rate? If they can't, I suggest allow them to. Or in any case encourage voting more. Also clean out tabs that have like 9 different versions; when most of them are copied off of one another with tiny corrections (sometimes wrong corrections even) or from the same pirated MSB.

I have over 2K downloads over 13 tabs, which probably isn't much because I tab lesser known bands, however 3 total votes. That's less than 0.2%

I think more votes over a larger sample size of voters is much better than a class system, be the listener clueless or not. Contrary to the OP, there are also cases where people comment "WTF is this, sounds nothing like the song" and vote 1 stars when it's a superb tab just with weird soundbanks
So more like after clicking the download tab button, redirect them to a "Please rate the tab" dialog box or similar

I do however think that newer versions should appear ahead of older low-rated versions. Often a late version of a tab is great, but people choose their tab based on stars and number of ratings since the tabs are preselected (and this doesn't mean it's the best version by any means) - and since the newest tab is listed last; it gets way less hits and people DL some crappy .gp3

Edit: I realize issues with that tabbers might use unregistered vote option for their own advantage, however those who really want that probably multi-account anyway (I guess this is how crappy tabs get 5 stars). I also get that UG is a business and want registrations, but if randoms can DL tabs then allow them to vote imo (again, I don't actually know if this is the case or not)

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