So anyone in the VB area interested in jamming? I'd like to do something Christian based. My writing right now is more metalcore(ish)..

This is some stuff i;ve been writing, Just programmed the drums in and played a few parts with my electronic kit.


I am willing to play guitar or bass temporarily depending on how this comes together. Based on this genre might be hard to find folks to jam with. If your interested let me know. I was thinking like probably start out practicing once a week or so. I have space to jam and recording equipment if we ever get to that stage...
Added =)

I just read this article back to myself and wanted to be clear im not a drummer. I am a rythym guitarist and a bassist. I play drums simply out of necesity! haha... Anyways let me know what your thinking Kyle!
Hey, I'm a singer, I love christian music, although I'm more contemporary. I play rhythm guitar and I can hold my own witha ton of other instruments including keyboard. I'll be moving to Winchester, VA this summer, not sure how far that is from Virginia Beach? Sounds cool though, and if anything, I cod record my voice and send it to you?

Facebook: Caleb Harwood Mattingly