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what a nice instrumental.
I love it.

Hi Helan!

I see you have made a splendid website, and spent a huge amount on graphic designing. But 3 months have faded your site is not visited by a single visitor. Now the 6 months have passed, you still look despondent for the visitor. All your investment has turned into expenses.

It is of little solace or comfort that you are sailing in the same boat as 60% of the web owners is.

Well, don’t quit. Here are a few tips that every web design company need to consider.

Make marketing strategy- You need not to mop and sit like a respondent. As a web development company, you need to evaluate where you lagged behind. Whether it was marketing strategy or poor SEO techniques that you fall trap of.

There needs to be constant evaluation why and what will persuade visitors to visit the website. As a web design company you need to understand the requirements of customers and act accordingly. The research and analysis is an ongoing process. It should never stop once you have achieved conversion rates. It is needed for a constant improvement in website traffic.

Here’s a list of things that you need to do

Website Objectives- Every web design company needs to have a focused approach. They should understand the importance of SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Achievable and Timeline based goals.

Identify the visitor- Every cheap web design company need to identify the visitor that is specific for their niche. In an online world no one wants to attract the visitor who just come and go. They want audience of a particular gender, marital status and country. Without this the marketing skills would be disregarded.

Appropriate Style- The cheap web design company must ensure that it keeps in mind the interests of the target audience. If it is unable to match the language, style and the information then your visitors will dart of from your website.

SEO- Don’t forgets the importance of organic SEO techniques. Focus all your efforts on that.

The titles should be rich in keywords

Consistency- Ensure that your website look consistent and people get same look and feel of the website every time they visit.

Add updated information on website- Updated information on website will surely attract your visitors. Eliminate old updates and images. And make sure there is no broken links on the website.

Next step is to create a high quality informative content. Don’t beat around the bush. It won’t provide you any significant advantage.

Submit article to high PR directories and article submission sites.

By incorporating all these methods you won’t feel despondent or jaded. Your website will surely be on cloud nine.

Here’s a list of things that you need to not do

Join forums for purpose of linking to your unrelated website - this is bad ettiquite and is considered advertising.

But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
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and all you can do is just wait by the moon
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