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I know such questions like this aren't supposed to be in this section of the forum. But it looks like the forum which it should be is likely to be dead (last post 2011 ) So anyway, I'm going to buy stompboxes I need soon. Which are likely to be :

-MXR Micro Amp (to stabilize the signal)
-Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal (still likely if there's better pedal please tell)
-CryBaby WAH original
-Phase 90
-MXR Custom Badass OD
-MXR Distortion III
-Boss BF-3 Flanger
-MXR Analog Chorus
-Boss FRV 1 Fender Spring Reverb
-Delay Pedal (still doesn't know what to buy )
-Boss TU-3 Tuner

And I want to 'build' my own pedal board because
1. I dont want to pay 135~ for a pedalboard
2. I want a custom color

Because this is my 1st pedalboard I don't know exactly how big the Dimension is. I use all the pedal i list there which i think already cover many bases except the delay and flanger ( i use either one not both at the same time).

And the other thing that bothers me is whether all the pedal I listed up there is all true bypass (i don't exactly now its meaning) or not because from what i read, pedal which is not bypassed kills the tone. So my question is whats the Dimension of the Pedalboard and how to prevent my pedals from killing the tone of my amp (I use fender amps if this info is needed) . Thanks
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The dimensions are nearly impossible for us to tell you since we don't own all the stuff you want. If you are going to make your own pedal you start off with placing the pedals how you would want them on a board and see for yourself.

You can use true bypass switches to maintain your tone. You should try all this out before posting cause you may not have any tone problems anyways.
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I have a phase 90 and when i plug amp-phase-guitar without the pahse turn on the tone of my guitar change a bit, how to clear this?