Sup, UG. This is something I've been working on since the beginning of August, and it's finally finished! I've no idea what genre this is, but I figured 'progressive' will work. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hey, thanks for your comment !

Great song you did there, I really appreciate the mix between heavy intro and smooth riff just after. Distorded and heavy parts reminds me a bit of Disillusion, if you know them. The song structure is quite interesting too, as you alternate heavy parts and clean/ambient ones. I liked the solo too, but there is nothing much about it, I mean it's good without being exceptional.

Your playing is very good, it's clean and with perfect timing.

Good job, I subscribed (you can sub back to me if you want). Hope to hear more from you, keep writing
Writing as I listen. Here I go:

Intro is nice, djenty. Nice guitar tone. I like the Animals as Leadersishness at 0:23. Sounds very nice and you played it really clean. The solo thing at 1:04 is nice and sweet. And we're back to Djentzing arround. I like what you are doing both rhytmitcly (SP?) and harmonicly. The 1:40 riff is nice like first low-power and then booom in your face. And then there's silence at 2:02. Oh boy we're sure building up to something. Sounds very nice and atmospheric. I like how you start like really quiet and work your way up. Very dynamic. The part at 2:50 is nice. Reminds me a bit of how Buckethead sets the atmosphere on Big Sur Moon. But kind of bluesy somehow. The 3:30 part is really cool. Very rich and interesting to listen. The solo is also really neat. Riff at 4:09 is nice again. The riffing at the end is killing especially with the details in the background.

It's a very very nice track man. Production is good too. I like your drum sound and your guitar sound and pretty much everything. Your playing is also ridicolously clean and tight. Awesome stuff!
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Sometimes I come into this section of the forum just to listen to new music and give other peoples songs a try and most of the time I'm not 100% satisfied with what I end up listening to. This is not one of those cases.

That was ****ing awesome man. Great playing, super clean production and superb songwriting. Keep it up man, that was brilliant.
Awesome! Great writing & variety. Playing is super, and drum sound is great throughout.

Production on the heavy sections is excellent, but in the first clean section I felt the reverby pads, dubbings and stereo pannings got somewhat annoying - I'd kept thing simpler and let the music speak for itself here, personally.

Around the 2:30 the delay personally felt a bit cheese for me (pads also very 'verby) but it's of course somewhat a matter of personal taste!

Liked & subbed.
Thanks for your feedback guys, I really appreciate it! It's after comments like these that I feel my work is paying off.
descara - the first clean part was lacking something and I thought those pads work there best, as I've tried a LOT of different things on that particular part. And the "atmospheric part" if you will, was made without pads. Well, they are pads technically, but it's just some bells (or something) with a lot of reverb. Trust me, without that reverb it would sound really awkward.
Let's start off by saying I don't usually listen to this kind of music, so i'll try to mention everything i can :P

I love the clean sections, the build-up from 2.10 on-wards is brilliant, but i feel the solo should jump straight in after the build up. Honestly, it's brilliant as is don't get me wrong. But if you were trying to sell this track to me that's what i'd like to hear.

The heavy sections are great, as I said I don't usually listen to this genre of music, but from 0.05 to 0.08 just gives me a buzz, the kind of buzz you get when you just want to jump. I don't know, thats how I can describe it :P

It's a shame I cant give any musical comments, I don't know anything other than the major minor scales when i comes to theory And from what i can tell your using a lot more than that. So i'll just skip that and let some more knowledgeable people do that.

Brilliant mixing/production by the way, I'd love to know who many different guitars/guitar tones there are in this track and how you managed to balance them all perfectly. Oh, and where you got those pad sounds. Those pad sounds are to die for

Very nice track, very nice track indeed.
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I think it sounds great! I like the different tones you get on it as well. Great metal sounding riffs and some nice jazzy parts too. But I think you could turn up the lead parts, especially the solo. That could be my set up, but regardless they were a little "far away" at times.
Orxris - the solo part was all intentional and thought out, as the first time that riff is played, it is played with ''chopped'' chords (some palm muting) and the first chord is an octave higher than the one played on that second riff which is continuous and flowing, but I see your point, it would probably have been way more energetic if the solo had started with the 1st riff. I am very glad it gave you a buzz! As far as music theory goes I'm using some odd meters like 7/4 and some harmony, I don't think there's much more here. Thing is, I don't know much music theory myself, I just write what sounds good to me.
It was all one guitar with different tones and parts. Basically, I had two tones for the distorted guitars. One was heavy and chunky which was the main one (low parts are played with it), the other one was a bit squeezed and mixed a bit more quietly into the whole thing. For the cleans I guess there were also two, it was the same patch except one didn't have reverb. I've found the pads somewhere deep in the internet and actually most of them are for free. Thanks for your feedback!
Misk Terrisger - it was the only way I could do it, otherwise the solo would've popped out and that part would've been louder than any other on the whole song.
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Really great stuff, definitely my cup of tea I dig the first riff a lot, i would maybe bring up the tempo by like 5-10 bpm. Maybe it would be too hard to play it though, but some of the riffs would sound better imo. Another thing i would change is the drums, im pretty sure they are SD2, which is not particularly bad, but they are so over represented in home recordings that i get a bit sick of 'em. I would suggest you to get Steven Slate Drums or create your own drum kit by different samples.
I liked this alot! I saw someone mention Animals as Leaders and that is what I thought of aswell. And although the first riff is very dynamically interesting and powerful, I'm a bit torn when it comes to riffs like that. They're really all over the different modes and scales and at times I can feel it's a bit over the top - like it's not really necessary to include every cool interval and chord progression in the same riff haha. That said it is very driving and played as clean as it was, I couldn't help but feel "dragged along" by it for lack of a better expression (it's a positive thing if that was unclear :p)

What I absolutely LOVED about this song was the clean parts. Jazzy and delicious. I found the ambient part starting at 2:10 to be particularly lovely, great instrumentation and atmosphere. I thought the solo to be pretty nice as well but it could maybe have stretched over a few more bars. The transition between shreddy riff # 2 and shreddy riff # 1 at 4:12-4:18 was cool too, flowed very well.

Playing and mixing were both top quality, good amount of beefyness without being murky. I would very much like to hear more material from you

C4C? Here is a link to an instrumental piece I posted here recently, just click if you want to give it a listen.
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Apologies the C4C took a few days! I'm here in the end...

I loved it! The first clean did remind me strongly of AAL. And that's not a complaint! All of the riffs held my attention, really nice (and at times unexpected) choice of notes. Again, that's a very good thing

The mix sounded a little empty tp me at 1:02 (clean solo), I think changing the rhythm tone and putting in a pad would make things sound much fuller.

Guitars sounded quite mono-ish too for most of the song. If the rhythms weren't double tracked and hard panned, I'd highly recommend that.

2:50 is really cool too, I love how the feel has changed completely from the beginning of the song.

All in all, an absolute pleasure to listen to. Despite the amount of progressive and djent I've listened to, this still felt fresh! Keep it up (: