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^ I think their work on that split is my favorite material by them.
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^ I think their work on that split is my favorite material by them.

Although I'm only a super casual listener of their stuff, at most, I agree with you. It's the most cohesive.

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Not really into their new release. Felt too much like the direction 'Prawn' were heading in, and I'm just not into it. The latter commented their new material is more like what they really want to do, so that's fine for them and everything, I just can't get behind it.

Back to TWIABP though, I doubt they'd be able to top their split with 'Deer Leap', all of their songs off it are incredible.
Holy ****. Their live show is amazing. Totally won over. I'm still not huge on their recordings, but it's something else to see. I was very impressed.
They had a cellist which was pretty rad. They all seemed to be doing something but I mainly listened from outside. It was disgustingly hot in the venue.
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Do half of their 40 strong line up actually play any instruments?

i am p. sure they have: 1x singer, 1x cellist, 1xsynth player/singer, 1x bassist, 1xdrummer, 2xguitar player/singer, 1xguitar/trumpet player, and they all do stuff!

(btw, re: the talk about them touring the uk in the off topic thread, i have heard that they are still touring, just not on the Dads tour. probs a good chance that it'll be next year.)

Lrn 2 internets u guise:

Thomas Maxwell Diaz - vocals, guitar, synthesizer
David Francisco Bello - vocals
Derrick Nathaniel Shanholtzer-Dvorak - guitar, vocals
Joshua Daniel Cyr - bass guitar, synthesizer
Katie Lynne Shanholtzer-Dvorak - synthesizer, vocals
Steven Karl Buttery - percussion
Christopher Joseph Teti - guitar
Julia Fields Peters - Cello
Patrick William Malone - Trumpet
Shitty Greg - guitar, vocals, piano, synthesizer
live line-up = 3 gtrs, 1 singer, 1 bassist, 1 synthesizerist, 1 drummer, 1 cellist.
Tom is no longer in the band, David took over lead vox & Katie took over synthesizer duties. trumpet guy is not a full band member afaik.
Seeing them tomorrow with Dads and Pity Sex, I can't remember the last time I was this stoked for a show. I've heard only great things about their live sound.