I just put 2 new electronic songs in my music website: "Arab Spies in Spain"* is the song on top, and "Starting With Michelle" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! Here is my link:


*This instrumental song has nothing to do with politics, religion, or ideology. I just thought it sounds part Arab and part Spanish, and could perhaps be in a spy movie. In fact I'm currently running this song past a young German film maker (I know it is a long shot, but you never know!).
Hey bro

I've listened to both songs and I have to say that when I close my eyes, I can picture these songs can make cool background music for movies, especially in a spy one.

I have nothing negative to say here, I find everything nice and on track.
Thanks for the review
Arab Spies: Interesting track, sounds like it could be on a James Bond movie, I think maybe the cymbals should be a bit quieter, but apart from that I think it's a well constructed song.

Starting with Michelle: Cool intro, very atmospheric, you certainly have a unique sound, this sounds a bit like Mastodon covering an early Pink Floyd song. You combine lots of different sounds well.
so I have to say arab spies is like james bond in the 80s. it sounds amazing. I really love the synth that starts it. I think of all the sounds in that song that is probably the one sound that makes the song. I'm really interested into how you made that sound.
Well this is pretty interesting. I listened to the two tracks and I don't know what to tell you besides the fact that I like them haha. They could easily fit the background to a movie as everybody has been saying. I find it kinda cool that you can make music like this, I could never do something like this. I'm very impressed
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Arab Spies is cool. The arrangements are good and the melodies are there. It's interesting, but I reckon you could do a lot more with it. Mess around with plugins and weirder effects and go a bit more off-the-wall.

I love the vocals on Michelle. The instrumental is good too. Same really with the first song, I feel like the instrumentation could be a little bit more mad and less of the staple synth sounds.
Thanks for the crit man, sorry about the delay in reply but better late than never! I liked your songs, and as always they've left me feeling slightly insane. I think I preferred the second one just because I liked the vocals. The spies in spain one could do with some sort of hook, I only listened to it a few minutes ago and I'm already struggling to remember what it sounded like as a result. Other than that I can't really offer much advice :/

Ps It was a real drummer things sound a lot tighter with the bassline though (which will be added asap!)
First off, Great stuff man, Really enjoyed listening to it. I really like Starting with Michelle, Specially at around 1:25, It just sounds so good to me haha, Although I'm not as fond of all the effects on the vocals, But it kind of fits the song really. But maybe back some of the effects off a bit? Just my opinion.

Now The Arab spies one was really good too, Although I keep picturing it fitting perfectly for an action game haha, Just seems like it would fit perfect. I can't think of anything to improve this haha, It seems good to me as is.
Once again thanks for the critique on my song, I really appreciate it!

Arab Spies In Spain:

I really like this, the only thing I would say about this is the fuzzy sounding synth that's panning from ear to ear, it get's a little distracting, that's about it. The melody you have playing is really simple but compliments the rest of the composition really well, Overall 7/10

Starting with Michelle:

I like this one a lot better. The chord progression is very dramatic. The chimes are very tasteful and fit really well. The synth line is really catchy. You won me over once the drum beat kicked in with the electric guitar, as simple as it is, it fits so well. Your vocals are very "Crazy Train-esque" and I like it, it's a really catchy song. It almost sounds like two different songs but it works. Overall, 9/10
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Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! "Arab Spies in Spain" is all Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module (except for some extra Roland VS8F-1 effects like reverb, maybe some delay). The intro synth sound on "Arab Spies in Spain" utilizes the random panning effect on the SC-55 Sound Canvas.
great job man, sorry for the late reply
I liked Araba Spices in Spain, the intro synth bass riff is really cool, I love the whole idea of each instrument being added, what synth software to you use?
When the drums come in it gets so much more intense, I love it!
the only complaint i have is that pretty much after the drums enter the song stays the same,
I really enjoyed it man and again sorry for my late reply
Thank you for your comments! No computer synth software was used: "Arab Spies in Spain" is all Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module (except for some extra Roland VS8F-1 effects like reverb, maybe some delay).
Arab spies in spain is sound really cool to me, suits the name well, and its got a nice catchy riff with it
overall i think there may be a bit much high end, especially on the cymbals - there a bit tinny to my ears overall the drums could sound nice, if it was me i would probably have a far bigger, longer and deeper tom sound.
I am loving the really bassy synth sound near the start. it ends well too

Starting with michelle I'm liking this quite a bit, the drums suit it really well, which I've seen alot of people get wrong with something that starts with the kind of sound you have
It builds really well too, and I like the effect on the vocals, maybe a small amount less would be better though.
I like the ending again, but maybe would have preferred it if it went for longer!

Overall pretty cool man, I like it
Spies in Spain definitely sounds like a track that would fit a movie or a similar media, as the structure doesn't really go anywhere but for those said media's it works well. As for it just being a song on its own, personally I would have structured it to climax towards the end, but that's just me and my love for climatic post rock.

Starting with Michelle is my favorite of the two tracks, however if it is possible I would really recommend recording actual guitars for the guitar parts rather than using a midi, it would sound much more organic. I especially like the vocals in this track though, really digging the drawn out/bent notes in the melodies.
Arab spies in spain is pretty cool. I love the mood of the song. Very atmospheric. It seems a bit redundant after awhile, but it still stays pretty interesting throughout.

Starting with Michelle is much cooler. I LOVE the composition on this track, I love the piano in the intro. I LOVE the composition on this song. Simply amazing. Great job man! From all the songs Ive heard by u, This song, and imposter, are my 2 favorites. I enjoyed listening to it man! Great song!
Thanks for the crit. Listened to Arab Spies, most definatly getting a terminator vibe from this it's very 80's. It could certianly fit into the background of a film or game i suppose. It's very atmospheric i'm getting an industrial feeling from it. Wish I could give you some proper feedback but it's not my kinda stuff and I know nothing about synth things. But it sounds good and well recorded.
Most definitely interesting! I like how the music could almost be words in Starting With Michelle. And I agree with everyone that these would work awesomely in a movie! Very atmospheric and emotional. I dig it!

Btw thanks for your comment :P
Arab Spies in Spain: Not really my kind of music, but good nonetheless. At first I found the panning synth annoying, but the more I listened to the song the more I appreciated it. I'm agreed with all the people here who say it could be a soundtrack piece in a spy film or something, but I think the ending needs more: I'd like an explosive finish, or for it to go longer and fade out more slowly.

Starting With Michelle: I don't know why, but I personally didn't like it when the drums kicked in, they're too harsh in my opinion. When the vocals came in I didn't mind it less, but the track up until the drum kicked in sounded like a great instrumental to do an acoustic solo performance over the top of. I would have preferred it if it had stayed as the instrumental, with the drums quieter when they came in. As it is though I do like how everything fits together, I also prefer the ending of this one to Arab Spies in Spain.

Nice work overall
Arab Spies in Spain...Yeah, this is great soundtrack music. I agree with a previous comment about this fitting with an action game. To me, it sounds a slight bit out-dated. More like something I would have heard awhile back. That's more on the tones used than anything. The composition is great. I did think the cymbal sound was a little on the fake side. Ever heard of OSI...in some ways this sounds similar (the mood is completely different but the use of samples/synths seems similar). OSI is a great band to check out either way.
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Thank you for your comments! I don't think I have heard of OSI before. I listened to their song "Radiologue" on youtube. I hear somewhat of a similarity.
Arab Spies - 80s spy movie intro for the win! It's pretty eerie and just cool as **** in general. Could totally put this into a movie soundtrack.

Michelle - Pretty cool how it speeds/builds up and gets more and more layered. It's straight up wacked out once the voice comes in, but in a good way...I'm not sure how to describe it lol. This isn't exactly my taste but it's still really well made.
Music must be honest to be timeless.
Arab spies: very cool and it's really suitable for a spy movie. I agree with the poster who says that the cymbals are too loud. The other drums are great though! The bass tones make it more mysterious. All in all nice song, perfect for soundtrack.

Starting with Michelle starts with very nice chord progression. Developed well. I especially like the flute. I didn't expect vocals at all so they surprised me but in a good way! Despite the modern arrangement it has a medieval (or viking?) feel to it. Definitely the better of the two tracks.
Hey Thannks for critty, not much i could say to what has been said above, i do like arab spires and the ,elodys are nice but just goes on too long for me to wait for something to happen or change.

Michelle's guitars could defintly use actuel guitars cause they sound way too fake and midi like.
Definitely sounds like a spy esc movie tv soundtrack. Catchy melody as stated before some of the sounds such as the cymbals sound harsh with too much high end fizzle. Could build up to more of a finale with an epic ending which would again suit the movie theme that people have stated.
Arab Spies in Spain: You get a good sense of the soundscape, it’s mixed very well and sounds very professional. Quite old school, some of the early percussion struck me as quite mechanical, might be better doing a live recording of these tracks? But sounds very nice all the same. Sounds like something out of a game in a strange way, a medieval one. The build up to the climax is handled well, although I feel like that’s the space for a live instrument to put some nice fills in or something. Overall it’s a very nicely composed tune, I think you can take it in various directions depending on your mood. Good stuff! Sorry the feedback is so late, but better late than never!

Starting with Michelle: Got a nice vibe set by the piano. The synths sound quite mechanical again for my liking (I would consider toning it down a little, but that’s just personal taste). Again it seems mixed well, good use of harmonies in the strings. It takes a nice tonal shift which is unexpected a minute in with the flute (?) – it’s a very pleasant sound, maybe use some harmonies with the flute as it progresses? Definitely like the percussive insertion at 1:30ish, and the metal guitar: again, slightly different to what I expected, which is no bad thing. Again, a great track, but lacks that final layer to make it feel massively complete. Lyrics throughout?

I've got a new version of the song you looked at for me: http://youtu.be/s84GKzkE99A have a look and provide feedback if you like, I'll look at more of your stuff happily. Very interesting and well produced!
Thanks for the crit. I left my opinion on Quantum and Relativistic Physics in my topic. Feel free to discuss with me if you want (although maybe by PM in order to keep the mods happy).

Arab Spies in Spain: Panning at the beginning was really inventive. Atmospheric synths were very complimentary. Initial melody was also very memorable. Timpani was good but I felt the other instruments lacked the power to compete. I gelt it was too abrupt in ending.

Starting With Michelle: Really liked the synth strings and flute in this one. The wind chime/bell tree really made this piece. Such a great atmosphere. I think this is my favourite of these two. I felt that you lost the atmosphere a bit with the electric drum kit. It just doesn't suit the instrumentation to me. A flute sounds too organic to be in the same field as an e-kit. I would try some world percussion instead. Vocals were suitable but not to my liking. Just a preference I guess. Ending was abrupt again.

Quality of the recordings are very good. I wouldn't change anything about the mixes. Music is very nice but not always to my liking. Keep up the awesome work.
Arab Spies In Spain - very good sense of drama thanks to the percussion.

Film score music is my number one passion, so there's a lot for me to connect with here. I recommend you check out Jerry Goldsmith's score to Extreme Prejudice. I think you'd like it.

Starting With Michelle - so different to the previous track. This time it's melody to the fore, and it's lovely. Vocals are weird but they work well in the track. Quite an original sound.

I can't think of many improvements except that you could fill up the bass frequencies a little more with bass guitar or equivalent.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=30338219#post30338219
The cymbals in the first one sounded a bit too on top, maby could've also cut down some of the high mids of them? I'm no expert in this area, but on both tracks you could've done some sort of an anti-climax at the middle, so that it wouldn't be so dynamically predictable

Thanks for your crit!
thanks for commenting on my song.
I remember listening to your stuff before!

Arab spies in spain -

I love the musical content of this piece. The percussion is spot on. I'm not crazy about the lead synth sound. It sounds too much like beverly hills cop to me. Still, very cool.

Starting with michelle -

I got an error message twice with this one. Don't know if it's on my end. I'll try again later.
Sorry for the delay, didn't notice that people were still posting in my thread.

Arab spies in spain:
great quality, as always
i agree that the lead synth tone sounds too much like beverly hills cop haha
i feel like it got a bit repetitive by the end, but that's more of a matter of opinion
overall the whole song sounds like it's building up to something but never quite gets there
kickass stuff though, really professional and tight sounding
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