Ok firstly the title says tech death because that is what we are aiming for, but in reality I guess we just aren't that technically skilled to pull of a proper technical sound like a band similar to Necrophagist would.

This was a DIY demo so the production isn't that great, the vocals i know particularly don't mix well (I wouldn't know the first thing about vocal mixing). Also, I'm aware that the sweeping part of the solo is shit, our other guitarist left the band during the recording process and us with that to work with. So apart from all that, any thoughts and criticisms would be much appreciated, and always I will C4C, cheers!
Really cool sounding song man! The mix isnt that good, but its not bad either. The guitar riffs in this song are sweet! Im not a fan of the singing, but it could be a mixing thing. BUT from what I heard, the riffs are great, and everything is tight, good job!
i like the length, it doesnt get boring.

your vocalist should work on his timing at a few points...especially during the intro. but most of the time he gets it good!!

maybe during the solos...place the solo in the middle and have 2 rhythmtracks left and right.

but good work nonetheless !!!