I remember you. When you can afford to, once again I suggest using a better mic (and position it closer to your mouth). The guitar usually is drowning out the vocals. The guitar playing/melodies & harmonica playing/melodies are nice. The singing seems OK, from what I can hear of it. The song itself seems to be good. Keep at it! Please review my music at this link:

It's going to be a while until I can drop money on a proper mic, but I figgure as long as I keep my demos I can go back to them. Also I missed out repeating the chorus after the 3rd verse.
Hey man, that's pretty good. I agree that the vocals are drowned out on occasion by the guitar, but hell the guitar has a nice beat to it. And not to mention the harmonica. I am a fan of the harmonica in general, and have always wanted to play it. So, I guess, singing, playing guitar and playing harmonica all in one song is fairly talented man.

And if you have some time, it'd be cool to get some feedback from you.
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