I'm not ashamed to say that I like Nu-Metal. After listening to some such material one day, I decided to try my hand at writing some radio-friendly aggressive hard rock. But it doesn't stay entirely radio-friendly, because there is a tech death break. I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I fully expect to get a lot of shit from people who dismiss it out of hand due to genre alone, but give it a chance, take it for what it is, and maybe you'll like it. And tell me what you think either way.

EDIT: I banged out a rough solo at work just now. It's in there, so check it out. It's pretty standard rock solo fare, with some hints of 80's neoclassical and some country twinges. Lots of melody with enough shredding and tapping to keep you fucks happy. Enjoy.
Untitled Nu-Tech.gp5
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Thanks for the crit!

You have some pretty good riffs going on, i can't really say anything, because this is not my music by any means. I can't say that i really like it, but i dont also hate it. So it's hard to critic something you dont know about Sorry if i made this sound too harsh.
I actually really enjoyed this, especially the tech death section. I feel that it fit its intention very well.
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