Hey UG

So it's about time I upgraded to a set of decent speakers/monitors - finally going to get rid of my shitty creative ones...

So, I play guitar through my POD HD300 and I'm looking to invest a set of good speakers or monitors which will represent the true nature of the sounds coming out of the POD and aren't altered by more bass or treble (which happen via the speakers)

With a budget of around £150 and below, could you guys recommend a good set of speakers/monitors which'll be good for playing guitar through, recording and mixing?


Jackson DK2M
Line 6 POD HD300
KRK Rokits are always a good bet, I love mine. Yamaha HS50M's are also nice but you'll never get either of those for under 150 pounds. For your budget i'd recommend a good set of Logitech speakers as a bit of speaker colouration is good when jamming, but not so much for mixing.