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Dude that was amazing !!!
i have the same guitar but definitely i dun have the same technique as urs

i noticed from other vids that this track is played with 7 or 8 strings but well done , i didn't notice any major flaws in ur cover

awesome job dude .. and try to make ur audio quality better ^^

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Cheers \m/ \m/
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Thanks dude! Yeah, After the Burial uses 8 string guitars, but this song can still sound pretty good played on 6. Thanks for the comment, I'll be sure to check out your cover.
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Damn man! That was amazing, I'd give anything to have your technique! Really can't think of any crits, and kudos for making the song work on a 6-string!

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Thanks for the comments guys! And I just left a comment on your video, pretty good cover man!