The song is called Chill your Keys - I just got a keyboard so I wanted to see what I could do with it fairly quickly. In other words, its very simple, but more of an ambient thing. I'm thinking about putting some guitar improv over it though. Any thoughts much appreciated, and C4C of course.
Sounds really cool and spacey, almost a bit justifying. your sounds fill in the spaces nicely without being too complicated... easy on the ears. I think if you turned this into a proper piece like you said it would be really good. Some vocal melodies would sound nice.

check this out if you want, you might like it
I would definitely write vocals to go along with this if I were you, and add lead guitar as someone above me already said. There are some brilliant melodies in here and the patches sound good. This is already quite good, but it could be awesome with those two things. I also should say that I love how you filled out the sound quite well without anything crowding anything else. This is a great job of mixing. Good work!

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Thank you for the reviews! Now reviewing your tune with lead guitar: the guitar sounds quite nice, though it could be a little tighter in a few spots. It's been a couple of weeks since I heard it without guitar, though it seems like it has a significantly different vibe with the guitar. Both versions are nice, though overall I like the lead guitar version better. Nice!
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The guitar really adds a new dimension to the whole track, brings it all together - good work!
It doesn't really add too much unnecessary complexity to the existing tune, but rather expands on what's already there.
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