Building my own custom 4x12" speaker cab using an old beat up slant cabinet... but it doesn't have the fancy tubing going around the edge of the grill.

The tubing I'm referring to is like the white thin tube stuff Marshall cabs have that run along the edge of the speaker grill cloth.

I'm after preferably the gold type stuff like on Marshall plexi heads or Marshall 1960AX cabs.

Anyone know where to find this stuff? Even some types of stores that should sell similar stuff like it...

hahah I like how one simple difference in the name of "the stuff that goes around the edge of the cabinet thingy that makes it look cool n shit" makes an entire difference on whether it can be found or not. Who'd have thought it would have a specific name. Cheers man
I know

I read your post and I was like "I'm sure it's really easy to find this stuff..." So I Googled 'Marshall gold tubing' and couldn't find anything. Then it just suddenly came to me that it was called piping instead
yeah I was searching tubing all along thinking "surely there is some kind of market for this kind of shit"... especially since everyone seems to be building their own cabs nowadays!
I'm lazy, so I'm just fancying up a shitty cab with good speakers and some tubing and cloth haha.

Is grill cloth called something else too? Cos I can't find anywhere selling proper grill cloth that is similar looking to Marshall stuff... I'm mainly after the grey/checkered stuff they use on the vintage cabs (1960AX etc)