Hello everyone! This is a demo take of a track I've been working on for a little bit. There's going to be a second half that continues where this leaves off, but for the time being I just have the first half. It's got guitar and drums, no bass or vocals.

http://snd.sc/TZ48KP - Here's the link
http://snd.sc/Owt6Qo - here's an updated, remastered version. I'm not sure which I like better?

I will C4C for sure!

Thank you
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Hey man, thanks for the crit! Obviously this is just a demo so there's bound to be some rough edges, but I'll mention them anyway, in the spirit of constructive criticism!

First off, I felt the drums could be a little more imaginative. Specifically, the snare beat seems to be coming in at very regular intervals, which seems like underutilising the off-beat feel of some of the riffs. I'd suggest throwing in some snare hits before and after the expected beat (like in the intro) more often - try and put them in a way that echoes the guitars' accents. You could change up the patterns on the hi-hats and ride a bit more too to further emphasise this effect.

I did also feel that the guitar tone was lacking something. It sounds like there's a good core sound in there, but it feels a little hollow at the moment. Perhaps more mids somewhere around 500Hz-1k might help the guitar to sound a bit more meaty. And maybe also another bump around 3k to help it stand out a little more. I'm being vague here, and you'll have to experiment yourself to see what precisely works. Start with a narrow Q - avoid affecting large swathes of the sound at a time when you EQ - that's what the amp controls are for. If this makes it sound too shrill, try just bumping the volume up on the guitars a little instead. As it is, it feels a little lifeless, and isn't doing justice to the riffs.

All that said, there's some good riffs in here that will sound great with some more time spent producing. It'll be cool to see what it sounds like once it's finished! Keep at it dude!
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I did some EQ tweaking to all the instruments and made the guitars less harsh (I forgot to do some mastering with the guitar files, they were the raw ones and were quite harsh)

Here's the updated version: http://snd.sc/Owt6Qo
Music must be honest to be timeless.
That solo is awesome. Love the solo. And the drums sound really, really good too. I like your approach in the beginning of the track. I've always liked that off-time, on-time sound, for lack of a better description. Really good job.