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Does anyone here have experience tuning a piano? My family owns a piano, but I doubt it has ever been tuned, and it just doesn't sound "right". I have read a little about inharmonicity, so I kind of grasp the concept.

My main question is; how would I go about doing it? I don't want to have someone else do it, because I would like to learn.
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I know you're gonna need to buy specialized tools, like a tuning hammer. It'd be cheaper and faster to get a trained professional, like a tech from Robert M Sides to tune it for you.
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If you don't know what you're doing then there's a good chance you will destroy something. Maybe get a pro to teach you how to tune it.
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Definitely get someone in to do it, it's a HUGE job, we just got our piano tuned again and trust me, you don't want to be learning on your own piano, especially if it's old/expensive
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Definitely get someone to do it for you, and watch them. Might take more than one tuning session to totally get it.
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Well the piano is a bit old, but it s not very expensive. I guess I will just wait until I can have someone else do it
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Nobody tunes their piano by themselves, everybody gets a professional to tune it (unless your job is to tune pianos). And I think it's pretty hard to tune a piano. It has 88 keys but some keys have two or even three strings. So you need to tune like 150-200 strings. And if some of the strings are a bit out of tune, it will sound horrible.
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