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(P.M.) I was walking down the road
With my head in my hands
I was looking for love
In a far off land.
And I stopped into a bar
Late one night
And the girl behind the counter
In her eyes, star light.

(Strum) Her perfume smelled like diesel,
And her shirt was torn,
And her jeans were wrinkled,
And her face looked worn.
And she poured me a drink,
And she made it strong,
And she said drink up
Cos you can't stay long.

And I said hey there
Whats a girl like you,
In a place like this for?
And she said screw you.
So I hit the road
With my guitar in hand
And I kept on looking on
For that special land.

Well I stayed on the highway
Took it out west,
Where I met a nice girl
With some real nice breasts.
She had flowers in her hair,
And a big black eye.
And she smelled like hemp,
I wonder why.

And she said to me,
Why are you on the run?
I said looking for a girl like you,
She said this could be fun.
I woke up the next day
All alone in bed,
And all I found
Was a note that said…

Well if you keep on going
All the way out west,
Til you find the perfect beach
Where you take your rest.
I'll be there,
Waiting for you,
Where the forests are emerald green,
And water's blue.

Well I spent 10 years
Maybe more
Looking for that girl,
Or even for
The beach she said
She'd wait for me
Where the water is a deep sky blue
And the forest's green.

Haven't found her yet,
But I can't give up
So I'll keep on looking
Till I fall down in the mud.
And even I don't
Well I don't mind.
Cos the memories I've made,
Well they're always mine...