Hi everyone,

I'm Peter, a software engineer with music interest .

I've been developing a songwriter application running on smart phones. I have finsished the first version on Windows Phone 7 and now I'm working to create a version on Iphone.

This is an application that helps you write music right on your phone. It is most suitable for composing singable songs with one line of melody together with its lyrics. It supports a wide range of note pitches that a typical song needs (from E3 to A5), and a range of note durations from whole to sixteenth note.

You can use the app to write songs wherever you are using your phone. The app supports to export the songs into MIDI or MusicXML files and upload to cloud storage services (Dropbox or iCloud), so that you can download the songs to your PC and continue editing them using professtional music notation softwares like Finale, Encore, Guitar Pro, ...

I would like to invite you to check out the app and give me your feedbacks. This is the first version, so there may be many features missing from what you expect a songwriter application on mobile phone to have. Please feel free to give me your ideas, I will try to add them into the next versions of the application.

* Link to the app on Windows phone's market place: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/2dffd7e0-089d-4b18-ae89-f7a396d12cac
* Link to the app on Iphone: (coming soon).

Thanks a lot for reading!