Looking for honest and unrelenting critique of my band's demo. What do you like and dislike, and what do you think are the weakest and strongest elements from songwriting standpoint? What bands would you compare it to? Will return crit.

Nora - the whistling just sounds completely bizzare and in my opinion could be replaced with some atmospheric guitar. Love when the heavy riff kicks in, very Mastodon and Neurosis-y! The voice could be turned down a bit in the mix, it's very overpowering. I like how it kicks into a higher gear rather suddenly, it gives you a nice jolt.

Solo at 2:50 - hell yes! It fits the music so well.

The guitars need a bit more distortion imo, very little more but just a bit.

Also, are you influence by the Mars Volta at all? Very Volta-esque between the 6-8 minute mark, I dig it.

Overall in terms of songwriting, it seems like you're trying to fit 3 songs into one, which can work if executed well, but when the parts can be so drastically different (the end of Nora for example), it's almost worth it to just split the song and make it different ones. It gives a better sense of continuity to the parts and comes off as less random.

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