Im starting to want to experiment with some synth sounds. I need a program that will open in Mixcraft as a VST.

Im looking for something that would create a sound like in the beginning of this song:


Any suggestions on a program? I dont care if its free or not as long as it can make a sound like that. ^

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Thats very layered, I hear a piano, some melloton type strings and some synth strings all covered in some heavy reverb
Omnisphere is probably the best but most expensive one out there. Massive is also pretty good and probably simpler.
Off the top of my head (not at my DAW PC)... MinimogueVA, Pluton and SerenityFree would be able to make most of those sounds.

Edit: There are better and easier ways but I'm just talking free VSTs here.
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Google free vst / vsti's and you can get pretty much anything. There's not any good drum machines but you can find good free audio samples of drum hits. Check out the stickies in the recordings part of the forum for more info