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sounds really good man, i like how the acoustic jumps into the electric riff. its a great riff too. the vocals dont seem to match at first, but its not that you have a bad voice, it just seems like you should be yelling. bob seger's voice would be perfect for this song. its good though

what microphone and sound recorder do you use? also, what program to edit? its very clean and crisp. i like it man

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Vocals are great in my opinion, and the riffs, i like the acoustic riff xD.
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Great, great song. While I like the vocals in here, I think they'd be better if they were just a little louder, alternatively I think they'd sound pretty awesome if they were done in the style of Tim McIlrath from Rise Against, because I got a slight Rise Against vibe from most of the song, except for between abour 2.30 and 3.00 (my favorite part) where there was a Jack White sound going on in my mind. Best part is between 2.30 and 3.00 in my opinion, followed so I can listen to some of your other stuff as well. Great work.
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This sounds so much like Cake's Friend is a Four Letter word to me. Obviously, the riffs are different but very similar. I'm sure you're not trying to sound like cake tho.

Anyway, overall it's a good song. The lead guitar line is nice and catchy and the acoustic guitar is great. The rhythm guitar could be a bit brighter.
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When The Wheel Has Turned: Nice acoustic intro, I was disappointed it didn’t go in a more organic direction, but the electric riffs are really nice – very well produced and played. Mixed very nicely. The acoustic sits very nicely with the electric, as do the vocals, which are good! I like the lyrics as well. Overall, it’s a really decent track, definitely nicely polished.

Sorry for being so late with the feedback. (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=30335345#post30335345)