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First time I've been on the UG site for a while. Had heard that it had gone to a subscription service so logged on today for the first time, expecting and happy to pay quite a bit each month because it's been useful to learn new songs for the band I play in. All the songs on the old search site are barred and there's no easy link on the UG home page to sign up and pay, and the UG plus site gives you only a limited number of the songs showing on the old familiar search site, and the customer feedback site crashes when I try to tell them about it. I assume the pioneers of this site have sold out to corporate suit money. There's about £120 pa of mine they could have had but I'm thinking why bother? Any one else had the same problems?
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What are you talking about? Surely not all tabs are blocked. I know some are, people do quite often complain about the Led Zeppelin tabs being blocked, but that has nothing to do with UG Plus and is because of copyright stuff.
Those exceptions aside, all regular tabs, power tabs and guitar pro tabs can still be seen and downloaded as before, for free.
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For any tabs that claim to be 'blocked in your country' (I'm assuming that's what you're talking about) just use a proxy server and you can view them. It's nothing to do with UG being 'corporate sellouts', it's all legal issues.
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As whoomit said, there are some bands that have all their tabs banned in certain countries. It's not UG's fault and it isn't because UG has gone to subscription. The customer service thing though, probably is UG's fault.