I have had my crybaby 535q for 3 or 4 years now. i've played with the settings a decent amount but the heel down position has me questioning it and i'm just geting around to posting now.

i've always seemed to have the issue that in the heel down position, the guitar is nearly in-audible, mostly when it comes to lower notes. is this to be expected with any wah or are there settings i'm not tweaking right or has this one just about reached the end of its life?
As with any electronic equipment that sees alot of use, it's only natural for degradation and such to occur. If it's sounding particularly bad and you don't think it should be doing that, it might be worth taking to a technician or solder-abled friend to replace the suspected broken part.

If you wanted to be sure that it shouldn't be doing it, perhaps go try one new in store, or something?

Not owning a wah I can't offer my opinion on it really, other than 'it's possible that it's broken'.
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