I'm considering buying a POD 2.0 and I'm wondering if it's possible to import pre-made presets from the net into the POD 2.0?

I saw that with the POD X3 you could import presets with unique gear positions and a million different settings on each of them. It was extremely deep and detailed. Is it possible to do the same with the Pod 2.0?
I don't know what these 2 are. I'm quite new to the POD thing. I'm talking about this Pod 2.0.

Can I import a preset from the internet to the POD itself and then use that to play, with the POD connected to my amp?
Awesome, sounds great! Thanks!

By the way, what are the advantages of a POD 2.0 over a now discontinued POD X3?
Believe me I would but the HD is a LOT more expensive than the 2.0 where I live.

Here in Norway you get the 2.0 for 1200 Krones, while the cheapest HD 300 is 2800.