I've just got an Orange Rockerverb head with 2 channels. Channel change is via a guitar jack socket for a mono lead, so I assume a simple latching switch is all that is needed to change channels.

Is the build as simple as getting a box with a DPDT stomp switch and an input jack:

1 2 3

Connect one of the wires from the input jack socket to 2 (common) and the other to 3. In one position the wires will not be connected and will be the default amp channel (channel one), in the other position the wires will be connected and it will change to amp channel 2?

If I wanted an LED for channel status then I would hook up an LED circuit with the circuit broken across lugs B and C so it lights up when 2 and 3 are connected?

I assume there are no resistors or noise handling of any kind to consider as this is just a switching circuit?

We would need to see the schematic to be able to answer your questions. There are a lot of different ways that channel switching is implemented in commercial amps, some more convoluted than others.

The manual just says "Channel Footswitch Socket The footswitch jack socket (rear of amplifier) enables channel switching using any latching footswitch."

This search on the Orange site appears to have the answer but I'd like to run it by you guys first....

Orange forum link