Hey guys

I just finished my latest song called Raincloud. It's a rock kinda thing, inspired by some Jrock stuff.


Let me know if you like it! This going to be on a little EP I'm making myself called Guitar Noise. This is the third song, but when I have about 8 or so, I will make sure to put a download link for the whole album here The songs might not be amazing seeing as I'm doing them all by myself, but it's a bit of fun

Anyway, I'm happy with the song for sure. Feel free to leave me something to listen to as I always love checking out other people's work

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That's a really nice mix! It flows pretty well, are you going to put lyrics for it? Or do you want it to be instrumental?
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All the songs on my EP are songs that I would like to add vocals to haha. I can't sing myself though, and I don't know anyone who would be willing to do them ): So for now, they're instrumentals

Thanks for the feedback dude!