I've been following the singing success program for a while now (the only kind of singing instruction I've ever had, only started music of any kind after school). It seems to be helping but I'm not sure if I should just keep doing the exercises on there or concentrate on a specific area. Here's a recent cover I did (No Name #1 by Elliott Smith) - http://soundcloud.com/wicker101/no-name-1-elliott-smith-cover

advice? thanks.
You're pitchy and self conscience.

Stop being self conscience and some of the wavering will go away. Stop it! Neeeowwwww!

Seriously though, I can hear your nerves in your voice. Your base tone is pleasing for what you are doing. I think you need to work on music that involves using more of your voice so you can learn how to support better but that is probably me just not enjoying your choice of covers (the dude in the original sounded like carp so you have little to go off of).

I can tell you aren't supporting your voice as you sing. It makes it more "talky." Folks who sing quietly (and do it well) still support their voices. This is my prescription for you dear wikaman1:

-Learn how to utilize your diaphragm and then apply it(lots of tutorials on zee youtube for this)
-practice some scales or just sing along to more songs
-Don't give a shit what anyone thinks
-Don't give a shit what anyone thinks
-Really seriously, don't care.

Then try the song again and I promise you, it will sound much better.
^I agree with the guy. You're just alone with a microphone anyway. Noone's critizing you. Just go with the flow and don't hold back.
Thanks both for the advice, really was the boost I needed. I can definitely see where you're coming from with the confidence thing, I'm always terrified of what people think or if I'm going of key. Guess that would hold me back a lot. I'll go look up some diaphragm tutorials and practice with that. Thanks again