I'm 18 and the thought of driving scares me, so I rarely drive and when I do, it's only in empty parking lots where I dont drive that fast. Can anyone offer any help? I'd love to to drive by the time im 19 but I cant get over my fear.
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You should ask this in the pit.
But OT, move from the parking lot to (almost) empty roads and if you still feel its scary to drive move back to the parking lot and practice some more.
It's just a mental block that you've built up for yourself. It's just something you have to do to get over it. I taught my niece and my cousin how to drive, and a few of my friends how to drive stick.

Go with someone calm, if your mom is one of those who freaks out easy, just don't bother. Go with your dad or a cool uncle if they'll keep their cool. Go out in the early morning, somewhere out of the way, and just get the hang of it. After a little bit, get in with a little more traffic, and get on the freeway EARLY and often.

A lot of people are scared of the freeway at first, but this is the safest place on the road, trust me. The most important thing to remember is to keep pace with the rest of traffic. When you're merging especially, don't be afraid to keep your foot on the gas. Never slow down when you're changing lanes unless the other lane really is slow. It feels scary at first, but 8 times out of 10, if you're changing lanes, accelerate.