I saw this somewhere else and I felt the need to ask it here.

You are in a post apocalyptic world and you are the only survivor. You have the last living copy of "The Fragile" and a working CD player, but you need to give up one disc, left or right, in order to survive. Which do you give up? No cheating your way out (i.e. - "I'll made a crude spear and hunt for myself").

Personally, I'd keep left.
Given the choice... I'd go with suicide.

But seriously I particulary liked The Day the World Went Away, The Wretched, We're in This Together, Just Like You Imagined, No You Don't, La Mer and The Great Below from the left.

From the right disk I liked Into the Void, Where Is Everybody?, The Mark Has Been Made, Please, Star****ers Inc., I'm Looking Forward to Joining You Finally and The Big Come Down, so that's 7 all I guess, but because The Day the World Went Away and We're in This Together don't quite do it for me as the others I may have to go with right. Still all ****ing fantastic pieces of music though, even the ones I didn't mention too.