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Loving the bit that starts at around 1:40, and then how it calms back down at 3:00. The droning organ thing is really quite unsettling for some reason lol. Not sure what it is about it, but I certainly like it I also like how you brought the song to a close by slowly dropping the instruments out. Worked nicely!

Only problem I can see is that it's a little boring in places. Nothing much happens, and there's a lot of repeating. Then again, that might've been what you were going for. In which case, ignore that

If you'd like to check out some of my work, then here's a new song I made yesterday! -

There are a few more songs in the set "Guitar Noise" If you feel like you want more

Nice work dude!
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This (the intro) reminds me of The Door's "The End" (good), until the organ/synth started. Unless this was meant as background music, I feel it could use some vocals (Jim Morisson vocals are stuck in my brain). Without vocals or something visual happening, I feel this song is too long. Otherwise I think it is pretty good. Please review my music at this link:
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Hey! I think this is pretty good start to a song. There's a lot of potential melody wise. I do think you need to tweak the timing around 2:20, the percussion sounds a bit off to me. Other than that it really needs vocals, I get a very joy division vibe from this, could probably fit that vocal style. Take a look at mine please!
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Sorry for the delay, didn't notice that people were still posting in my thread!
Definitely really interesting. I'm not very into drone music, but this is really cool. The quality is great and everything is pretty well put together. Sometimes the timing gets a little fuzzy, but nothing too horrible. I keep expecting it to go into something else, but I guess that's just a trademark of the genre.
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